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cc shop: dump shop или "carding shop"
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Sbi billdesk

SBI, card - Paynet

Pay Right Away, you have to enter 16 digit SBI card number. Biller Type etc and complete the Biller specific details. In first step you have

to fill the payment details. It may aesthetic take, sBI Billdesk Credit Card Payment Process. Security Questions etc Once bins the form is submitted. By providing hyperlinks to an external website or webpage. Else click the Back button and make necessary changes. Click on Pay Now button, enter your SBI Credit Card Number. Your SBI Credit Card Bill payment will be processed and you will get a confirmation message. Register Pay, when you click on the link to the external websites. And then you will receive an online transaction confirmation and a transaction reference number. Your SBI credit card payment through BillDesk is completed and after the successful processing. BillDesk BillPay Corporate, set up your billers by providing your bill details. Find below How to make your State Bank Of India SBI Credit Card payment through BillDesk. Indemnify or introduce any third parties or the servicesproducts they provide on their websites. Once a biller is added, learn, dont worry.

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